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The Last Tech Age is generated by Charles J Armentrout. It is based on my own personal experiences and observations.

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Charles J. Armentrout

Blogs are personal attempts at communication, and my background directs my own understandings.  Here is my quick bio.  I grew up at the beginning of the space age (which I date as the late 1950’s).  I am well-trained in the physical sciences and these discussions will reflect that.  My technical career began as an experimentalist in fusion energy research and moved into solutions for manufacturing issues. Teaching forms the bookends to my career.  I enjoy teaching physics and mathematics, and my classes have a practical bent.

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Comments are welcome and encouraged.  Do you have personal statements pro or con?  Do you have graphics, links, or photos that enhance the flow of our topics?  These are very useful, but see the next paragraphs …

Comments are welcome – Some Rules Apply

  • Though you are asked for your email address in filling out comments, it will never be published and I will not send you any messages unless necessary for some administrative reason (can’t think of any right now).
  • Filling in a URL in the comment page is optional.   If entered, people can go to your website, but leave it out if you don’t want to be linked to.
  • All comments must be signed.  Anonymous postings are the hiding place for the irresponsible,  a pool for festering nastiness.  If you have something you would like to contribute, you must admit to being the author.  I will not publish a comment if it is a personal attack on me or on anyone else.  What is totally unacceptable?  I follow Justice Stewart’s rule.  (Offensive language falls under the “abusive” label, again using the J.S. rule.)  But differences of opinion and especially corrections of fact are welcomed.  Not to ignore all that has been said about responsible authorship, there may be times when a pseudonym is needed due to potential consequences.  I will reluctantly accept a pseudonym posting if the author requests and explains why.
  • Any graph or picture sent must not violate original copyrights.  You are responsible for the intellectual property rights of the objects you submit and LastTechAge will assume all is OK.
  • All photos, graphics, etc, become available to the wide world.  LastTechAge cannot follow who downloads the material, nor to what use is made of it.

I hope you enjoy the postings and look forward to your comments. Thanks for your visit.

Charles J. Armentrout — Ann Arbor
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