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Physics, Engineering and Math

Physics in 3 Paradigms   General audience discussion of the classical, relativistic  and quantum world views. Written in support of post Of Time and Physics in our timepath  series of posts.

Fusion Energy Topics
APS request for help to defend budget support   2012 Dec 10 – Emergency request to contact Congress in support of research funds.
American Fusion Act of 1980  Text of this often-quoted act to release funding for the major advances in engineering that were in the air.

Mathematics – Exponential Growth and Other Topics
Is Math Hard?   Math is not hard for someone who is prepared.  But start with addition, multiplication, division and exponentiation and build from there.
Math Perturbation Techniques and Epicycles   People laugh at epicycles but they were an early attempt to do perturbation theory modeling without the necessary math techniques.
The Chess Board Fable   Join us to save Kingdoms, rescue Princesses, invent warp drive.
Chess Board Fable – presentation form   Full screen slides for presentations
Rabbit Tales   Hop over to a true story of heaven, horror and survival.
Visualize Exponential Growth In Data Sets   Find exponential growth in data using log-linear graphs.
Start of Probability Theory – deMeer, Pascal, Fermat   Here is how all studies of probability and chance started.
Solutions to Bayesian examples   Mathematical solutions to the examples of Bayes’ Theorem given in our post Time Path – Probability began it.

Visual Phenomena
Visual Color, Blackbody Emission, Color Temperature     Visual perception, color temperature, lots of diagrams. What’s a Blackbody?
How Fluorescents Work     How they work, why they fail


2012 0706 NYT Paul Krugman Off and Out With Mitt Romney Paul Krugman essay on Romney’s qualifications
More Capitalism, Please    David Brooks 2012 Jul 17 essay on how great offshoring and outsourcing really are.
Brooks The Inequality Problem NYT 2014-0117   David Brooks 2014 Jan 17 essay on how the Left confuses everyone with Inequality arguments
Trends correlating with Saez-Piketty Inequality   Compilation of all the trends currently found to correlate with the data from Emmanuel Saez and Thomas Piketty (same file as on our Page button).

Natural Resources

Patterns In World Oil Production   Analysis of production trends for major world producers. PDF form of our post (see Index for link).
EIA US Petroleum Exports Exceed Imports  for first time 1949-2011    These data disappeared from EIA web page at least once in 2012.
Estimating Reservoir Depletion   Algebraic for resource usage that grows exponentially until 1/2 of reservoir has been drained.
Modeling Depletion of a Reserve  Graphic models for startup, peak, and final production.

Charles J. Armentrout – Ann Arbor
Update 2015 Oct 19
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