We have moved!

The site you have reached is LastTechAge.wordpress.com
This location is now dormant but will stay open for the foreseeable near future.

For current posts and comments, please go to what will appear as an identical site


… ALL our new post, .pdf files, and updates will appear at this new and active site.

The new site should look exactly like the one you are currently linked into, except for updates and any new work.

If you detect any other differences between this and the new site, please send an email!!

Thanks for stopping by, hope you enjoy your stay.

Charles J. Armentrout – Ann Arbor
2015 Nov 26


About LastTechAge

I am a physicist with years of work in fusion labs, industry labs, and teaching (physics and math). I have watched the tech scene, watched societal trends and am alarmed. My interest is to help us all improve or maintain that which we worked so hard to achieve.
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