Trump invites Brit Theresa May over for tea

Breaking new just from Politico, “President-elect Trump invites British prime minister for a visit”.

Donald Trump President USA

Donald Trump (b 1948) President-to-be, United States of America

Ass or arse?Ms May is an attractive woman.  Think about what The Donald said … about the most important quality for a woman to have is her “good ass.”

My main advice would be for her to step over to the British Museum and borrow an old suit of knight’s armor.  Its just the thing to wear for this meeting.

Theresa May Prime Minister UK

Theresa May (b 1956) Prime Minister, United Kingdom. Leader of the Conservative Party

Trump sets difficult stardardsThink about it… The Donald says he always grabs a woman’s “pussy” because he can.  This indicates the dire need for armored suits to avoid an international incident.  I would hate to have a war with our British Allies!


Charles J. Armentrout, Ann Arbor
2016 November 10
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1 Response to Trump invites Brit Theresa May over for tea

  1. I hope Ms. May will make sure there are always other people in the room with her – she knows he’s reputation, and she’s a smart cookie.


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