Obama, Compromise and Drew Westen

Can Society improve by Obama’s contiuous compromises?

The New York Times printed a stunning analysis of Pres Obama today, Sunday, August 7, in its Sunday Review.  The front page article is “What Happened to Obama” by Emory University’s Drew Westen.

I nearly  passed this over.  It was on the front page, dominated by a huge meaningless picture of boxing gloves with a few starting paragraphs and really lots of beautiful white space.    The NYT recently gutted its Week In Review and replaced it by a meatless section – lots of  comic strips and white space.  (You and I don’t have a very long attention span and these things make us feel good.)   The editors had done their best to divert readers, and nearly succeeded with me.  But my wife pointed it out.  It is so very perceptive, I decided to add it into my Post lists.

Obama seems to compromise until there is nothing left of his position – giving away everything that counts in the name of sweet harmony and peace.  I think of him as the American Neville Chamberlain.

In 1938, the British Prime Minister went to Munich to reverse the beginning of Hitler’s invasion of Europe, and came back granting all the demands of Germany and Italy.  The News Reels show him smiling and and jubilant upon his return:  Peace in our Time!  The rest is history.

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Usually, I don’t draw attention to a political piece, but it dovetails with LastTechAge theme that we have been slipping backwards for some time and that our current state of technical excellence is being undermined by current political events.

Obama has actually compromised with the people who publish web site pictures of prominent people with target grids over their faces.  Will no one rid me of this pesky person?

At any other time in our history such behavior would have been recognized as incitement to murder, treasonous behavior, tantamount to raising arms against the people of the United States.  The people Obama “compromised” with are certainly seditious.  After all, “Kill the beast” does not refer to the Mountain Grizzly bear.  But on the positive (?) side, the investment bankers who destroyed our economy did get their annual bonuses, each worth the annual salaries of 50 to 100 normal workers.

From the column  “…the arc of history does not bend toward justice through capitulation cast as compromise.”   The italics are mine.

I cannot add to this piece.
It stands on its own, the outstanding column published this year.

Charles J. Armentrout, Ann Arbor
2011 August 7
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I am a physicist with years of work in fusion labs, industry labs, and teaching (physics and math). I have watched the tech scene, watched societal trends and am alarmed. My interest is to help us all improve or maintain that which we worked so hard to achieve.
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1 Response to Obama, Compromise and Drew Westen

  1. Michael S. Cullen says:

    obama, whom i voted for, is truly disappointing, and westen explains why. perhaps he should also run on a republican ticket, since they got almost everything they were clamoring for.
    Michael S. Cullen; Berlin; Germany


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