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The MFTF-B story – Fusion or conFusion?

The $1 billion MFTF-B fusion experiment was built, then dismantled before it was turned on — our first sign of the politicization of fusion. Energy independence should be an issue important to everyone.  Instead, it  has been a p0litical issue … Continue reading

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Without action we lose our energy future

Want to change the future history of energy? Political pressures are dictating what your grandchildren will study about the decline of American technology.  But we can still change the text in their books. Current options for future energy supply … … Continue reading

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Income Inequality and Fusion Energy Research

America’s move to high inequality is correlated to its retreat from technical innovation. Joseph E Stiglitz’ essay in the 2012 Oct 26 CampaignStops blog of the New York Times is quite instructive.   We outline his thinking, then move onward … Continue reading

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Fusion Energy – Kill the beast

Fusion research will yield nothing if current U.S. “starve research” policy is continued.  Fusion development must fail under this self justifying strategy. The National Ignition Facility (NIF) at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory got all its parameters lined up in a … Continue reading

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