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Piketty on the U.S. Presidential race

Piketty makes upbeat comments on Bernie Sanders and what he implies about US inequality trends. Just to pass on a very optimistic comment from Thomas Piketty, on our on-going struggle against the American convergence to a government controlled by an … Continue reading

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TPP to Piketty – The Slow War

Trans  Pacific Partnership, Retirement Security, and Piketty income inequality are backdrop to slow but very real warfare. The TPP issue is not an isolated topic but part of deep background to an unspoken but real efforts to change the structure … Continue reading

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David Brooks and The Inequality Problem problem

Brooks: Minimum Wage – not a problem, Income Inequality – what a sham! The Poor just gotta try harder! David Brooks published the Op Ed essay “The Inequality Problem” in the New York Times (Jan 17, 2014).  His views are … Continue reading

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Minimum Wage – Poverty Level Wage – Unemployment – inequality

The Minimum Wage, Poverty Level Wage, and Unemployment Employment rates are part of the complex of forces driving American inequality. Minimum wage is in the news because in many localities the current $7.25 seems too low.  Should there be a … Continue reading

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Greg Mankiw and the real Middle-Class

An article by N. Gregory Mankiw in the New York Times’ Sunday Business section (2012 Dec 30 paper) attempts to compare the current tax paid by the “top” 1% of the workers, that fraction who earn the most income (the … Continue reading

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Without action we lose our energy future

Want to change the future history of energy? Political pressures are dictating what your grandchildren will study about the decline of American technology.  But we can still change the text in their books. Current options for future energy supply … … Continue reading

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Income Inequality and Fusion Energy Research

America’s move to high inequality is correlated to its retreat from technical innovation. Joseph E Stiglitz’ essay in the 2012 Oct 26 CampaignStops blog of the New York Times is quite instructive.   We outline his thinking, then move onward … Continue reading

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