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Gun rights vs hard data

Right winger David Brooks published an op ed column in the 2017 Oct 7 New York Times (print edition) on gun control.  His comments have a vital point, and they should be required reading.  If you quote hard data that … Continue reading

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Donald Trump is Man-child – Maybe

Is Donald Trump a child in a man’s body?  … or something more disturbing. This question has been discussed a lot.  How would you interpret all the public aspects of Donald Trump (fig 1)? Trump is a Man-Child In recent … Continue reading

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David Brooks and The Inequality Problem problem

Brooks: Minimum Wage – not a problem, Income Inequality – what a sham! The Poor just gotta try harder! David Brooks published the Op Ed essay “The Inequality Problem” in the New York Times (Jan 17, 2014).  His views are … Continue reading

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Offshoring and Outsourcing are good — Brooks

“Offshoring and outsourcing has been good for American productivity.”  So says New York Times David Brooks, in his 2012 Jul 16 essay (published Tuesday, Jul 17, in the NYT Op-Ed section).  This is in direct confrontation to Paul Krugman’s July … Continue reading

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