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Obama, Overtime and Saez-Piketty

Obama’s new overtime rules will change business practice. What does they speak to: injustice, inequality or something else? The July 1, 2015 New York Times Business section carried an analysis by Noam Scheiber on proposed new Overtime rules, Obama Overtime … Continue reading

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Are Tuition Costs Exaggerated?

Claims that college tuition rate rises cause problems are wrong. Or are they? Do rising college costs exclude some and force others into crippling loans that weaken their future?  Maybe that’s nonsense!  Maybe the exact opposite is true – aren’t … Continue reading

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Piketty Under Attack

Piketty is under attack by the Far Right. They argue the data , or imply he is a hidden Communist. Thomas Piketty published the English translation of his Capital in the Twenty First Century (C21) and pulled his massive open … Continue reading

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Economics can never be right

“What is Economics Good For?” is the provocative New York Times essay by Alex Rosenberg and Tyler Curtain.  They point is that economics is no kind of science and never can be.  This is an excellent essay and worth reading. … Continue reading

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Inequality, Luddites and Paul Krugman

How can we maintain social stability when the highly educated are as likely as the poorly educated to become obsolete by disruptive technology? Paul Krugman published his 2013 Jun 14 OpEd Essay Sympathy For The Luddites in the New York Times.  It is … Continue reading

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Water, Groundwater and XL

Water reserves in the Midwest are an endangered resource.  XL performance will disrupt both our national food supply and the water for many cities. High Plains Aquifer is dangerously depleted in large regions.  This was the message by Michael Wines … Continue reading

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Darkside of the Moon – or of American Society?

There is no Darkside for the moon, but maybe there is for American understanding of science. Kenneth Chang, a respected science writer for the New York Times has an article in the 2012 Dec 14 issue called “Two Space Probes … Continue reading

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