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Economics can never be right Pt-2

Is Economics Science?  Are Economists Scientists?  The war continues The long anticipated Pro/Con letters in the NYT were published and no one’s mind was changed. Harvard Nobel laureate in Economics, Dr. Eric Maskin, had written a challenge letter last week affirming that … Continue reading

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Greg Mankiw and the real Middle-Class

An article by N. Gregory Mankiw in the New York Times’ Sunday Business section (2012 Dec 30 paper) attempts to compare the current tax paid by the “top” 1% of the workers, that fraction who earn the most income (the … Continue reading

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Bill Nelson and the 3 product arttributes

New York Times yesterday had a Science Times article by Kenneth Chang on NASA’s plight. There are many issues that need careful examination to understand the 40-year mess our country is in. But this post is to make a single … Continue reading

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