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Piketty on the U.S. Presidential race

Piketty makes upbeat comments on Bernie Sanders and what he implies about US inequality trends. Just to pass on a very optimistic comment from Thomas Piketty, on our on-going struggle against the American convergence to a government controlled by an … Continue reading

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Gini Index demonstrates Saez-Piketty Inequality

The Gini index demonstrates Saez-Piketty trends. These two very different markers show that inequality is increasing. The trend line for the Gini index (Gini)  is well correlated with the trend line from Saez-Piketty Inequality (SPI) studies, although these two ways … Continue reading

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Piketty Under Attack

Piketty is under attack by the Far Right. They argue the data , or imply he is a hidden Communist. Thomas Piketty published the English translation of his Capital in the Twenty First Century (C21) and pulled his massive open … Continue reading

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Piketty discovers America or vice versa

Piketty describes the growth of U.S. and World inequality with unique large data resource. Our review of Capital In The 21st Century The French economist Thomas Piketty  published the French edition of his new book Capital In The Twenty-First Century … Continue reading

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