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Fluorescents-6 Environmental Impact

Mercury and heavy metals discarded into the waste stream have a strong impact on our ways of live.  Here, we consider how discarding fluorescent lights impacts environmental contamination. This post is more heavily documented than our other posts because the … Continue reading

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ANWR and The Lies of Large Numbers

Arguments have raged over use of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), and will so again.   Probably sooner rather than later. One side says evidence of a large quantity of oil indicates life in the lower 48 states could be … Continue reading

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Is there enough Uranium ore to do the job?

In a recent post, Nuclear Decisions-4, we examined whether nuclear power might be able to replace all other forms of power generation.  Our answer?   No, we will run out of fuel immediately we were to try. That answer assumes … Continue reading

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