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EPA Limits Mercury in Environment – Is it enough?

Are the new EPA power plant rules strong enough? Will they work as popularized? The Environmental Protection Agency just announced (2011 Dec 21) that it has issued its CSAPR  (cross state air pollution regulations) will begin to enforce emission standards … Continue reading

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Using Fluorescents – A Compilation

This concludes the very long series evaluating our turn from incandescent to fluorescent lighting.  This is a summary of the 6 posts. Acronyms:1.  Efficiency Fluorescents-1 Efficiency  From the manufacturers ratings, we found that CFL lamps used about 4 ½  times … Continue reading

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Fluorescents-6 Environmental Impact

Mercury and heavy metals discarded into the waste stream have a strong impact on our ways of live.  Here, we consider how discarding fluorescent lights impacts environmental contamination. This post is more heavily documented than our other posts because the … Continue reading

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